Thursday, December 20, 2012

Fun with Friends

Last week Olivia and I had a couple of our very good friends over, Hannah and Sarah.  We went to eat at The Grill, and none of us had been there before!  We had a lot of fun taking pictures, talking and laughing! 
 Hannah and Me
 Hannah and Olivia
 Me and Sarah...we were kind of laughing in this picture :)
 Olivia and Sarah
 When we got home, we cut a piece of paper into four pieces, and without looking at each other's we each drew a quarter of the face.  This is how it turned out!  
We made two so we could each keep one

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Random Pictures :)

 I just finished this baby doll for my newest little cousin for Christmas.  I am so excited to have another little girl on my Christmas gift list!

Homemade strawberry sorbet.... in the winter.
 We had a Spartan Christmas skating party which was also Hannah's birthday!  I gave her this owl mug for her birthday
 I also made cake pops for a couple of families and my art class.

 I learned how to french-braid my own hair!  But strangely, I can't do it to anyone else....
I did it again the next day, but I braided it all the way down.
A friend spent the night, and we made pancakes!  Sam LOVES helping with pancakes, and he always wants to flip them.
 The Spartan girls made blankets for Olivia and Anna Beth, who are seniors!  Unfortunately, I didn't get a picture of them after I crocheted the border.
This one is Anna Beth's
It was very hard to keep this a secret from Olivia!  But it was very worth it when she opened it and started screaming with joy ;)  We gave them to Olivia and Anna Beth right before their last cross country meet, and both said they never suspected a thing!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Hope Chest

 This will someday be my hope chest....
But for now I just have yarn in it!

This was a chest given to my great-grandmother from my great-grandfather.  When we cleaned out Meme's apartment, Mama decided to get the chest, and thought it would match my room!
Don't you love the floral paper on the inside?

Friday, August 24, 2012

Tiny Lorax

I have recently been knitting lots of tiny things!  I started with the patterns from the book Teeny Tiny MochiMochi, then I started making my own things with different parts of different patterns.  After I made the tiny gnome for a friend (but I forgot to take a picture!) I used that pattern minus the hat to make a tiny lorax!  We watched this movie a couple of weeks ago, and although it wasn't the greatest movie ever,  I loved the cute animals!  I just might have to try to knit some more tiny Dr. Seuss characters... :)

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Cherry Almond Chia Seed Jam

We had some cherries that that no one was eating, so I decided to make chia seed jam!  It was very quick to make, and somewhat healthy!  It only has two and a half tablespoons of agave nectar in the whole thing, so it's not overly sweet.  Also, it uses chia seeds instead of gelatin or pectin.  
 Chopped cherries!  They took forever to pit and chop...but it was fun.
 All done!  I also stirred in some almond extract to make it almond-cherry jam
I used old lids and didn't process the jars because it gets eaten so quickly, and we keep it in the fridge, but they sealed anyway ;)

Friday, August 17, 2012


A couple of days ago I did a major cleaning of my room!  It was actually fun though....I guess it was because I wanted to do it :)  I started by just re-organizing my yarn and thouroughly dusting, and then it turned into vacuuming, moving all my furniture to vacuum under it.... then I cleaned my baseboards and got on my hands and knees to scrub my floor.
I also cleaned out my Christmas drawer and put it in large rubbermaid container (it started out in a small cardboard box, then a drawer, then a bigger drawer, and now a box...I have a lot of gifts to give!), cleaned out my sock drawer, and moved my dolls to my chest of drawers after changing their clothes and fixing their hair :)
I had a LOT of things all over my bedside table, shelves, and dresser....and it was very cluttered.  Cluttered things bother me.  So Mama had the idea of putting most of the things in a box in the "secret room" (a little attic-like room off of Olivia's closet.  We named it the secret room when we were building the house, but it is not secret because we show it to everyone!) and once a month rotate the things.
So now, my room is very clean and very un-cluttered!  Hopefully I'll keep it this way!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Sleepy Bear

Bear in footie pajamas

Yesterday I crocheted this little bear :)  I had forgotten how much I love this pattern!  This was my third time to make it.   I put a little bag of rice in his body to make him heavy.  I don't know why, but I love heavy animals!  Not too heavy though...Sam wanted me to make him weigh ten pounds!

Monday, June 25, 2012


Lately I have been making lots of jewelry!  I got the idea to make cake earrings from Pinterest, and I just kept on making different foods!  Then I saw a tutorial on how to make fabric roses, and I can't stop making them!  Here are some pictures :)
 Doughnut and ice cream earrings
 Avocado (my favorite) and watermelon (for Olivia)
 I made the cake earrings two different ways, one with clay (like all the others) and one with a sponge (right) I think I like the sponge better.
 Fabric rose rings!  I don't know if you can tell, but the green one has a tiny feather!
 Cupcake ring!  I saw this on Pinterest :)
Another fabric rose...a hair clip!

Friday, June 22, 2012

My Garden

 This year in my garden I only planted three things, jalapenos, cucumbers, and tomatoes.  But it is a quite large garden because I planted eighteen tomato plants!  We are planning on canning them :)  So far I have picked three large tomatoes, and a handful of cherry tomatoes.  No cucumbers or jalapenos yet, but hopefully soon!!
 My garden!
Daddy and I built this for the tomatoes, which were out growing their cages!
 Cucumbers!  I don't actually have any yet, just lots of flowers!
 Ready to pick cherry tomatoes :)
 My biggest jalapeno

Green tomatoes

This is our fig tree!  It started producing figs just last year.  I can't wait until they get ripe this year!!!

Also, today is Mama and Daddy's 21st anniversary!!!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Elvis 5k

This morning our whole family (except Olivia who is out of town) ran the annual Elvis Presley 5k!  Daddy ran with Clay, who was trying to get a PR, Mama ran with Sam for his first 5k, and I ran with Leah.  It actually turned out a lot cooler than usual, so it was a great day for a race!
Leah did really well in the race.  It was really nice being able to run a 5k without dying!  Around mile two Leah asked me what her time would be if she kept up her current pace.  I tried to do the math in my head and told her about thirty-two or thirty-three minutes.  Her PR was 32:30.  After that, she really sped up!  When I told her she had just 'one lap around the Saltillo track' left (one half mile) she sped up even more!  I'm not sure what the pace was that last mile, but I know that most of it was under nine!
Leah's time was 31:54!  She did a PR by about forty seconds!  After she finished and got some water, she told me she wanted to go back and find Sam.  When we found him he had a very determined look on his face, and he was going very fast!  Mama said when she looked down at her watch they were going a sub-eight minute pace!  He finished in 36:5? (I'm not sure of his exact time) and proudly told me that he only walked once, and that was when he got Gatorade at the half way point.  Before the race he declared that he was going to save up his energy and "turn on the speed" when he could see the finish line.  He definitely turned on the speed!!
Leah and Sam were both so excited to get second and third in their age divisions!  I was so happy Sam was able to win an award for his first 5k :)  Also, Clay got second place with a PR as well (20:30!!!!) and Daddy got first place in his division with a 20:27!  I think everyone had a great time!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Creamy Carrot Soup

Today for lunch I made creamy carrot soup!  It was pretty good, only too sweet.  I'm thinking about adding Crazy Jane's seasoned salt instead of rosemary next time, and possibly substituting brown rice for oatmeal next time.  I also think sweet potato would go well with the carrots ;)  Anyway, here's the recipe!

In a medium saucepan, combine two cups of water, one pound of carrots (sliced very thinly or chopped in the food processor), one onion, chopped, and one-fourth cup of quick-cooking oats.

Bring to a boil, then reduce heat to medium.

Continue to cook, stirring frequently, until oats and carrots are cooked and tender.

Transfer to a blender, and combine with three-fourths cup of milk (I used almond milk) and blend until combined and creamy.  You can add more or less milk to make it thicker or thinner.

Transfer back to saucepan and stir in one teaspoon of rosemary and salt and pepper to taste.

Cook on low heat until heated through and serve!

The original recipe said that this serves two, but we were able to fill several small bowls for lunch served with salad and fresh fruit :)

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Sam's Monster and Moon Face

Last year when I asked Sam what he would like for Christmas, he told me he wanted a big monster. He even drew a picture exactly how he wanted it to be! He was really excited when he opened it on Christmas morning :D

A few weeks ago we were riding in the car at night when Sam suddenly exclaimed "The moon is making a face!!!" I asked him what face the moon was making, and this is what he showed me :) (this is what he thought the craters in the moon looked like)

Monday, February 20, 2012

Homemade Valentines

This year I made everyone in my family either knitted or crocheted valentines! They were a lot of fun to make :) I had already given Daddy his valentine, so his isn't in the picture. I think my favorite one to make was Leah's, because it had the jewel and the feather.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Sam :D

While learning new words in school....

Mama: Sam, what's another word that rhymes with hot and cot? I cook in one sometimes.... (thinking of pot)

Sam: Stove!!!

Sorry I haven't posted in forever! If anyone is still reading... :)

Monday, October 31, 2011


Last week, the Spartans all travled to Missouri to run the Homeschool National Championship XC meet!!! It was amazingly fun! On Friday morning, we all met at a church in New Albany. Olivia and I rode with our good friends, Martha and Margaret. Kirsten also rode with them!

On the seven hour drive there, we had SO MUCH FUN!! It went by so quickly when we were laughing with friends. Martha and Margaret's Daddy, Mr. Steve told us some hillarious stories. Whenever someone said something funny, I tried to write it in my journal.

When we arrived at the course, we were all ready to run after being in the car for so long! We all jogged the course together, and I began to get very nervous when I saw another hill....and another hill...and another hill.

Tht night at the hotel, we were divided into groups of who will stay in which room. I was in a room with Olivia, Martha, and Claire!! Later we found out that Coach Heather had seven girls in her room!! We told her to send someone else in our room, so Hannah also stayed with us! Claire, Martha, and I all slept the longer way on the bed, so that all three of us could fit. That night Coach Heather came to pray with us an tell us goodnight. Later she came back and slept with us as well!

The next morning, as we were getting ready we were all freezing! So Martha turned the air up to 90 degrees!!! We were very warm after that. While waiting in the lobby, Hannah handed out super cute ribbons, blue and pink sparkly, and ribbon with colorful running shoes! Coach Heather talked to us and we were off to the course!!

Thankfully, the Varsity girl's race was first, so I had little time to be nervous. We all gathered around and Coach Heather gave us more encouragement, and Danielle prayed. Then we were off! From the start, it was a very painful race! I don't remember much except hoping that I would be done very, very soon! I was fifth to finish on our team, and nineteenth over all. Our team got third place.

All the other Spartans ran a wonderful race. Danielle got fourth over all, and Clay and Andrew got second and third in their race! Hannah and Sarah both got PRs! And the Varsity boys did great as well.

Overall, it was a great experience, and I hope we get to go back next year!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Favorites Tag

Thanks for tagging me, Cassia! My pictures weren't in the same my tag is out of order!

Your favorite summer shoes
Your favorite winter shoes-

My running shoes are my favorite shoes for any season!

Your favorite necklace or earrings-

My favorite necklace is the one Granmomma and Pop gave me for Christmas a few years ago.

Your favorite nail polish color or brand-

I very rarely paint my nails...but when I do I usually use the Love My Nails brand, and this is just a pretty color!

Your favorite book or series-

This is my favorite book!

I tag Hannah D. :)

Also, go to Cassia's blog for her giveaway!!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Honeybear pattern

Here's the pattern for the bear in my previous post :)

Materials needed:
Black, yellow, brown, and white yarn
Yarn or thread to embroider face
Two safety eyes or buttons
Fiber Fill
Size H crochet hook
Yarn needle

Sew all parts together as you make them

Head (with black)
Ch 2
1) sc 6 in second ch from hook
2) inc in every st (12)
3) inc 1, sc 1 6 times (18)
4) inc 1, sc 2, 6 times (24)
5) inc 2, sc 3, 6 times (30)
6-8) sc 30
Change to brown
9-13) sc 30
14) dec 1, sc 3, 6 times (24)
15)dec 1, sc 2, 6 times (18)
Embroider face and insert safety eyes
16) dec 1, sc 1, six times (12)
17) dec 6
Finish off, stuff

Ears (with brown, make two)
Ch 2
1) sc 5 in second ch from hook
2) inc in every st (10)
3-4) sc 10

Body (with black)
Ch 2
1) sc 6 in second ch from hook
2) inc in every st (12)
3) inc 1, sc 1, 6 times (18)
4) inc 1, sc 2, 6 times (24)
5-6) sc 24
Change to yellow
7-11) sc 24
Change to black
12-13) sc 24
14) dec 1, sc 2, 6 times (18)
15) dec 1, sc 1, 6 times (12)
Finish off, stuff

Arms and legs (with brown, make four)
Ch 2
1) sc 4
2) inc in every st (8)
3-10) sc 8
Finish off, stuff

Tail (with brown)
Ch 2
1) sc 4
2) inc in every st (8)
3) sc 8
Finish off, stuff

Join yarn next to where you sewed on the ears, and ch 9. Tuck your loose end into the head with your crochet hook.

Wings (with white, make two)
1) sc 6
2) inc in every st (12)
3) inc 1, sc 1, 6 times (18)
Finish off

Thursday, October 6, 2011


Owls are always so much fun to crochet!
Jellyfish are my new favorite things to crochet! I'll probably be making a lot more of these ;)

This is a bear in a bee brothers had trouble understanding what it was! I'm going to try to post the pattern for this soon!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Bible In 90 Days

I finished it!
I really enjoyed doing it, and I plan on doing it again very soon :)

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Pokey the Puppy :)

We have a new pet! Isn't he adorable?!? Go to Mama's blog for more about Pokey.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

First Day of School!

Today was the first day of school :)
I am starting ninth grade- I'm in highschool! I really like all of my subjects so far...but I'm sure they'll get old very soon. I am mostly excited about Biology, writing, and geography.
This morning we had our traditional treasure hunt that went all over the house, and all outside! Our surprise was a smoothie from Smoothie King! They were delicious =)
This is Mama's first year with all five of us in school- Sam is in Kindergarten!!! I can't believe he's going to learn to read this year.
I can't wait to can a bunch of tomatoes this afternoon with Mama and Olivia for Home Ec.!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

It Is Well With My Soul

For my birthday, Catherine gave me a plaque with this Hymn on it, because it is one of my favorites :)
When peace like a river,
Attendeth my way
When sorrows like sea billows roll
What ever my lot,
Thou hast taught me to say,
It is well, it is well, with my soul

Tho' Satan should buffet
Tho' trials should come,
Let this blest assurance control,
That Christ has regarded
My helpless estate,
And has shed, His own blood, for my soul

My sin- Oh the bliss of this glorious thought
my sin- not in part, but the whole
Is nailed to His cross,
And I bear it no more,
Praise the Lord, Praise the Lord, O my soul!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Bible in 90 Days

Today I am starting the Bible in 90 Days challenge. Mama has done it once before, and is starting today also. She really enjoyed it the first time, so I decided to try it! I am going to read it on my Kindle, which is the Amercian Standard Version. I'll try to post more about it later!

Oh, and tomorrow is my birthday! I'll be fourteen!!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Funny Quotes From Sam

"Mama, if Super Heroes aren't real, then who saves people falling off of cliffs?"

"Since queen ants fly, do real queens fly?"

He is so silly!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Seven Things

Autumn tagged me- thanks! Ok, so here are seven things you might not have known about me... 1) My older sister Olivia, and I do almost everything together! We both love to do pretty much the same things, so we're always crocheting or sewing together. Even though we each have our own rooms, Olivia and I sleep with each other every night. We take turns sleeping in each bed, a week in my room, a week in Olivia's room, and I have never been away from Olivia for more than one night until last year. She went to a winter church camp and was gone for three nights. 2) I also spend a lot of time with my other siblings also. A lot of times when Olivia and I are in one of our rooms crocheting, Leah, Clay or Sam (or all three) will come in and just be crazy. Almost everyday Clay, Leah, Sam, and I will go outside and play together, whether it's tag in the back yard or Indians in the woods :) 3) When I was younger I wanted to be a doctor, nurse, teacher, ballet teacher, police woman, and fire fighter. I planned on doing each for a day and rotating them. 4) Recently I have been sewing a lot. I got some really neat sewing books for Christmas, and Mama is helping me make a dress for Olivia out of one of them. I also just sewed a pillow case dress for my friend's Mama, who is actually due to have her baby on Olivia's birthday! (in five days!) Leah also really likes to sew, and often asks me to give her 'sewing lessons'. She can sew very well though. 5) I have been trying to learn sign lanugage. I can say the alphabet, "My name is", friend, God, Jesus, Saivor, and Lord. I am still trying to learn some more! 6) I love to sing hymns. Whenever I get together with my friends, we always sing hymns. It is so pretty with all the different parts. Olivia, Leah, and I also like to sing together. 7) My birthday is in 89 days... LOL! I'm running out of ideas
Ok, now I have to tag seven people.. . 1) Cassia 2) Martha 3) Hannah 4) Sarah 5) Olivia 6) Anna Beth